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Add versatility to your jewelry collection with the Adjustable Extender from the Versatility Collection. Pair it with the 6″Petit, 11″ Demi, and/or 21″ Venti and you have countless pieces of jewelry!

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*Note: All products vary slightly from photo due to the nature of handmade products.

**Note: Petit/Demi/Venti Glass Bead pieces are not included with Adjustable Extender. These must be purchased separately.

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Adjustable Extender

Add versatility to your jewelry collection with the Adjustable Extender from the Versatility Collection. Pair it with the 6″Petit, 11″ Demi, and/or 21″ Venti and you have countless pieces of jewelry!

The Versatility Collection – Lengths

The Versatility Collection features three sizes of glass beaded jewelry with magnetic ends. Therefore, various¬†lengths can be formed for a variety of jewelry pieces. When the¬†6″ Petit,¬†11″ Demi, &¬†21″ Venti¬†are combined with the¬†adjustable extenders¬†each piece becomes extremely versatile.

The¬†6″ Petit¬†is the size of¬†a bracelet for a child. In addition, add¬†the extender and it becomes an adjustable bracelet from 7.25-9″ (perfect for an adult). Use this piece as a choker for children¬†or as an anklet for both adults and children!

The¬†11″ Demi¬†works perfectly as a necklace for a child. Make it the correct size for an adult choker by attaching the extender (12.25-14″). Create a double bracelet for adults or a triple bracelet for children with the 11″ Demi also!

The¬†21″ Venti¬†is a standard necklace length and works for both adults and children. Add the extender and it becomes adjustable from 22.25-24″. The option of having a longer necklace is always nice. The 21″ Venti can also be used as a triple bracelet for adults.

In addition, to using each of these piece in combination with the¬†adjustable extender, they can also be used together. By combining these 4 pieces you can create 8 static sizes & 7 adjustable sizes of jewelry. The possibilities include: 6″, 7.25-9″, 11″, 12.25-14″, 17″, 18.25-20″, 21″, 22.25-24″, 27″, 28.25-30″, 33″, 34.25-36″, 39″ 40.25-42″. As demonstrated, there is a size for pretty much any need.

The Versatility Collection –¬†Style

Although, the Versatility Collection allows unparalleled lengths and uses it offers even more than that! It also gives you the ability to change your style on a whim. If you want simple beaded perfection wear the 21″ Venti as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. Add the¬†Glass Bead Dangle Earrings¬†and you have a complete look.

By pairing the 21″ Venti with the Interchangeable¬†Leather Lilly Earrings¬†you create a little elegance. Therefore, you are ready for a night on the town!

For something a little more casual add a¬†charm¬†to your 21″ Venti and pair it with the Charming Dangle Earrings. This is perfect for running errands or just living your day to day life.

For a complete change of pace consider wearing the 6″ Petit and/or 11″ Demi ¬†with their decorative¬†silver beads. This look can easily be worn for any occasion.

Consider for a moment pairing multiple colors for a vibrant look. Or perhaps, you’d prefer a double necklace with the same coloring? Connect¬†the 6″ Petit & 11″ Demi as a necklace and pair it with the 21″ Venti as a second necklace and you have a match made in heaven!

Just as the name suggests, the Versatility Collection is indeed Versatile! Be sure to pick up all the pieces for the ultimate in versatility and style by clicking here!

Looking for a gift?

When you give your loved one the Versatility Collection by Oleo Custom you are giving them a gift that will keep on giving. They will be astounded by how many choices you have provided. In addition, you can use this collection as a source of inspiration for gifts to come. Who wouldn’t want additional colors & charms to expand such a beautiful set? Your spouse, daughter, mother, grandmother, or friend¬†will be “pleased as pie” when you present them with this effortless self-expression!

If you don’t see what you are looking for be sure to Contact Us for a unique creation of your own.

Versatility Collection Care

We suggest keeping your Versatility Collection accessories in a jewelry box or bag to prevent breaking the beautiful glass beads. Take care of your jewelry and it will take care of you with style & grace!

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