Elise Nelson is the founder of Oleo Custom. She is a wife, mother, sonographer and creator of charm jewelry for the busy woman. Her work has been featured in such publications as NBC, ABC, CBS, the CW, Fox, and many more.


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New aromatherapy necklaces featuring beautiful interchangeable rhinestone baubles expected to sell out

HOUSTON, TX – 10/05/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Elise Nelson created The Scentsational Sparkle Collection to reduce overwhelm during the holidays. This collection is a way to have beautiful accessories on the go. You simply clip your whole collection of 15 baubles onto your purse or bag and you are ready to elevate your outfit (no matter what it is) to the next level.

Look “put together” with minimal thought or effort. Plus, if you’re the type to get overwhelmed (and let’s be honest, we all are) the Diffuser Pendant is perfect for a relaxing fragrance on the go.

The problem with the holidays is that we are overwhelmed. We rush around to get the gifts. We struggle to get them wrapped. We try to prepare the perfect food. We push ourselves to have an immaculate house. We attempt to get the kids ready. We “help” our spouses (or is that called “nagging”?). We scream and run around like a crazy person to be ready for our families during the holidays.

And what ALWAYS happens? The time runs out. We never get to focus on ourselves. WE never get OURSELVES ready. The moment we walk out the door (or the guests are arriving) we’re trying to make ourselves presentable. But, we wanted to look nicer. We NEEDED more time.

With The Scentsational Sparkle Collection you’re always ready. Spend your time focusing on everything else, because now you won’t need to worry about yourself.

The highly anticipated Scentsational Sparkle Collection is expected to sell out due to limited quantities. These handcrafted beauties will be exclusively sold on the website Elise’s newest collection is aimed at helping busy women achieve effortless self-expression during the holidays…

Elise Nelson started designing interchangeable jewelry after she was faced with a very real problem. There was never enough time to get everything done and she was tired of always being last on the “gotta get it done” list.  After releasing her first collection of hand-crafted interchangeable jewelry, Elise’s products started gaining notoriety amongst the handmade jewelry industry. Elise views each new collection as an opportunity to help another busy woman achieve effortless self-expression.



Anticipated to sell out, newly designed and hand-crafted interchangeable jewelry is the brainchild of Elise Nelson

HOUSTON, TX – 03/21/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Oleo Custom, an innovative jewelry company specializing in interchangeable jewelry, announces their new Sundrop Collection to be released April 4, 2017

The brand new Sundrop collection features a whimsical, raindrop-shaped, interchangeable charm holder. This innovative holder allows the use of beads, charms, and spacers to allow a versatile style that is unique to the wearer’s personality.

This 10-piece product collection features the Sundrop Holder in a selection of 4 pendant necklaces, the Complete Collection, and the Triple Threat bracelet set. In addition, the Sundrop Collection features a matching selection of 4 dangle earrings available in either a pierced or clip style.

The Complete Collection includes a Sundrop Holder Pendant Necklace, a set of Sundrop Earrings, and a Triple Threat Bracelet Set. This collection truly gives you a little of everything to allow quick and easy accessorizing on the go.

The Triple Threat Bracelet Set features three bracelets that can be worn individually or together as a set. This versatile set includes a hand-crafted bracelet, an additional hand-crafted bracelet with Sundrop Holder, and a third hand-crafted bracelet with Bauble Base from the original Oleo Custom Magnetfique Collection. This Bauble Base is used with interchangeable magnetic Baubles to allow an additional layer of creativity to express your personal style.

The interchangeable Magnetfique Baubles can also be used in a variety of Bases. There are several jewelry items and even a few accessories, like a purse holder, money clip, and bottle opener key chain.

Elise Nelson prides herself on her ability to raise the ordinary to the extraordinary. She believes that style and grace are not exclusive features of the expensive. Her aim is to bring each personality to the surface and allow every “Oleo Insider” to truly express her own unique style. Sometimes, that style “goes along with the crowd” and sometimes it is something loud and completely unique to the individual. Either way, with Oleo Custom and their customizable, interchangeable jewelry and accessories you truly can “Express Yourself”.

Oleo Custom is an innovative jewelry company specializing in interchangeable jewelry and accessories. The designer, owner, and creative genius behind OLeO Custom is Elise Nelson. She finds inspiration in the world around her and prides herself on finding both the ordinary, and the unique, and elevating them to new levels of style.