About Us


We are thrilled that everyone who uses OLeO Custom Products, knows they are getting an accessory worthy of an individual.

Before I created OLeO Custom I found myself constantly wishing for an easy way to change my style without having to store tons of jewelry…

I had jewelry EVERYWHERE! It seemed like there were never enough places to store it all…I loved all the options, but wanted an easy & innovative way to keep track of everything…Everywhere I looked I wished there was something better…

Then, one day I started creating my own beautiful accessories.

I found myself wondering if I was the only one who was looking for a new expression of style.

But, then I started receiving requests…I would go out and people would want to know where I got my jewelry. Friends requested I make them their own jewelry.

I set out to become the leader in interchangeable jewelry.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined. Finding the right supplies to create beautiful, functional products required a lot more effort than I originally thought. With much trial and error I discovered the best, most cost-effective ways of creating our products. So that we could pass those savings on to you without jeopardizing quality.

Our ultimate goal was to create products that you would be proud to use, and because of their quality & versatility you would use them often.

Before I pulled it all together and started a website, joined Etsy, and started advertising my jewelry I was overwhelmed with the question of whether or not anyone would be interested in interchangeable jewelry…there were many days I thought I would just give up…I never realized how incredibly all-consuming starting a business can be.

But, through it all, I released my first collection and the response has been unbelievable.

I am proud to be the owner and creative genius behind OLeO Custom and I know you will be proud of your OLeO Custom products as well.

Uniquely yours.