interchangeable jewelry

Interchangeable jewelry for effortless self-expression!

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Not sure if you want a necklace or bracelet or both?

The Versatility Collection pieces become it all! With the 6″ Petit,¬†11″ Demi,¬†21″ Venti, and¬†adjustable extender¬†you can create bracelets, anklets, short necklaces, long necklaces, and everything in between by simply attaching them together!


Want stylish earrings for every occasion?

The Versatility Collection Leather Lilly Earrings feature interchangeable centers making them the perfect accessory for every outfit!


interchangeable jewelry

Want jewelry that works with a variety of charms?

The Sundrop Collection is as easy as opening and sliding on your favorite charms!  No tools OR clips needed!

Interchangeable Jewelry

interchangeable jewelry

Interested in accessories with your logo/photo?

The Magnetfique Collection allows you to upload your own custom design or choose one of ours. So, when you are ready for a change, just switch out the magnet! There are a variety of accessories to choose from so that you can have the perfect one just for you!

interchangeable jewelry


Sneak Peek

Want the newest, innovative jewelry?

The New Collection will be available in October:


Gift Boxes

Looking for a gift?

Interchangeable jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion! Due to¬†its ability to offer multiple choices in style, one piece¬†will become a source of gift-giving inspiration for years to come! Furthermore, anyone can find the exact “look” they want by switching a few interchangeable pieces.



Ready to travel?

Since interchangeable jewelry minimizes your storage needs, it is the perfect travel companion! You choose your perfect base and add the interchangeable pieces to get multiple looks with a single piece of jewelry.

interchangeable jewelry

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